A downloadable game for Windows

Falling Between is a short First Person 3D Adventure Horror Game inspired by Junji Ito. This game was created for the Two Minute Horror Jam


Prop Artists: Brynn Hooper & Connor Navin

Environment Artist: Brynn Hooper

Programmer: Brynn Hooper

Updated 18 days ago
Published 25 days ago
AuthorsBrynH123, Leaf Guy
Tags3D, Creepy, Game Jam, Horror, Short, Spooky, Unreal Engine

Install instructions

Just Unzip the files all into one folder and run "MyProject" (Forgot to name the project rip)


Falling Between.zip 884 MB


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This game is both fun and weird with a disturbing atmosphere and leaves you a little confused.

 The aesthetics are nice and well polished and the school almost has a sense of realness to it.

 Overall a great experience for a short game, it is always refreshing to see the horror genre go in new and innovative directions , i featured this on my 3 scary games compilation , it is the third one in.

its very very nice game make more buddy

(Your game begins at 16:27)

I am not going to lie - I don't quite get this one. Or for that matter, how it supposedly relates to Junji Ito's work (aside from the snail imagery). I realize it is a two-minute game, and thus there is little room to be too elaborate with stories, but this comes across a bit as "walk in a straight line to the spooky thing".

This is not bad as much as it is a bit bewildering, however. The game looks great, and the imagery of the supernatural creatures is wonderfully unique and unsettling. I'd just have liked to have some sense of what was actually going on, as I don't feel there's quite enough here to justify a surreal experience.

But still, I did quite enjoy the experience.

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Awesome thanks for the feedback! To be completely honest I kinda of threw half of this game together in one day, the day before it was due, and I think it shows. I had a completely different idea with a whole story but I started to run out of time and didn't budget my time well during this whole project. But hey it was my first game and it was definitely a fun and insightful learning experience. I will definitely try to tell a more coherent story in the future with my next game and learn to budget my time better. Thanks for playing and I'm glad you still enjoyed the experience!


Nice game, i didn't quite understand what was happening, but it was solid.


Nicely done for a two minute game! I liked the weirdness of it. I may not know what the heckaroo just happened but it was fun.

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A little short, was a bit confused with the ending , i Must have missed all the Junji Ito references but lovely looking environment! Starts from 0:06


Was a really interesting game to play. The atmosphere; the classrooms was pretty good and then the night time part was really well made. It was really, really spooky and done well. Only confusing thing was the hand that grabs the player and then drags them to the eye moon dimension? It might be a folk lore that I am nto familiar with but was still effectively scary and a fun short game!

Thanks, I'm glad you liked it! The hand thing is not a folk lore or anything I just kinda made everything up on the spot.


Great game. Your game looks awesome. Looking foward to playing more of your games.

i loved it 


Nice short game. Love the little Junji Ito references. 


bro I fucking LOVE juni ito uwu


Awesome game, I loved the environment!


Falling Between is one of those creepy games that’s short enough to have fun with, but leaves you curious to see what it would be like if the concept were expanded. I love seeing what can be done with constraints, and Falling Between shows how much can be done with so little.


Thank you so much for playing, I really appreciate the feedback!


I had no idea what was going on still after i beat the game lol starts@ 8:59

This video was super funny, thank you for playing!


Although I'm not familiar with the Manga I really enjoyed the game! Great job! My playthrough starts at 4:24 in the video :)


This game was something else haha. I wish there was more


love the creepy school atmosphere. Reminded me of Silent Hill. Only wish that section was longer. 


Such a rad experience, the atmosphere and aesthetic were strong. Especially love the buildup and seeing the before and after nap segment.
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I love Junji Ito's work so I decided to play this. Must say that hallway was really scary and would have loved to know more about the story. Are those things at the end his classmates ? Is he in hell ? hmm..


My playthrough starts at 3:00

It won't run :(

Sorry to hear this, as long as you are on Windows and you extract the zip into one folder and run the program from that folder it should work.


hi, big thx for the game. greetings from rosti


This game is fun.


Hey, I included your game in my latest Itch.io Horror Games video! The part with your game starts around 2:07! I absolutely loved your game and I hope to see more from ya'll! Hope ya enjoy the video!


Would totally love to see more of this weird game/story!


Real pretty, and spooky! Enjoyed it a lot


Very interesting game. I enjoyed the game and included it in a 3 game video. This is the first game I play in the video and I will link it below if you are interested in watching. Enjoy!

Thanks for playing, love your reactions!


Amazing game dev i played it in 3 random games and it's so well done it's the first

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Great video, glad you liked the game!

Thank you :)



I enjoyed the game man i like how strange it got at the end there. I liked the school setting it in the beginning too.

Here is my video:


This video is hilarious, thank you for playing!


LIKE IT :D..hope create next full story :D